What is TubeFixer?

TubeFixer is a simple package to make the YouTube app built in to iOS 1 through 5 work yet again!
This does not modify the YouTube app in any way, as it just adds a line to your hosts file redirecting the old server to a new working one.
There are some issues with iOS 5.0.x devices, and it can not fix the App Store YouTube app on iOS 4 and 5.

TubeFixer is also available for other platforms!

Install TubeFixer for iOS

Install with Cydia
Alternatively you can add the repo cydia.invoxiplaygames.uk in Cydia and install TubeFixer from there.

Download .DEB

Other Platforms

TubeFixer App Store Beta
The iOS 5 (and potentially iOS 4) YouTube app from the App Store is now supported by TubeFixer! Please note that this is a beta, not every feature will work and there will be errors a-plenty, it's still functional enough though.

Other Platforms (developers only!)
TubeFixer can work on almost any client that was affected by the API shutdown in April 2015. Do keep in mind that this is for developers only.

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