How do I install?

Step 1
Make sure you have TubeFixer installed. (Install here)

Step 2
Make sure you have the YouTube App Store app installed.

Step 3
Install the TubeFixer Root CA certificate on your device.

Step 4
Open the YouTube app store app and it should hopefully work?


Q. Why do I need to install the certificate?
A. The App Store app uses HTTPS, and I can't get a certificate for it with a trusted CA, so I had to make my own

Q. Does this work on the iOS 4 App Store app?
A. Maybe? I'm not too sure really, I tested on the iOS 5 one but it should work if it acts the same.

Q. Does this work on the iOS 6 App Store app?
A. no.

Q. Does this work on MxTube?
A. Yes! Install the TubeFixer package and the Root CA from the top of this page.

Q. Will this let me watch copyrighted videos, like music videos?
A. Yes! This was fixed in the iOS 2-5 TubeFixer a while ago. Nope, sorry. The method I was using stopped working.

Q. Can this fix the "unknown error" error?
A. Possibly, I don't know what's causing it and I don't have a device with the error myself.

Q. Can I sign in?
A. Nope, sorry.

Q. Are you going to steal my Google account?
A. Nope, I don't have the capability to! You can't even sign in.

A. It's a beta, some things might not be working.

Q. e
A. e

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