Important Notice

These options are for developers only - you might mess something up if you don't know what you're doing. Be careful!

Options for testing:

Hosts file
Add the line to the hosts file of your device.

Domain change
If you have the source code for the client, replace instances of with

DNS Server (advanced)
Set up a domain resolution DNS server, and direct to - dnsmasq works for this.

Common Issues and Q&A

I'm getting a HTTPS certificate error.
Make sure the device you're testing on has the TubeFixer Root CA installed (for using or the Let's Encrypt/Cloudflare CA (for using

Channel names are appearing as IDs
This is an issue with the way the API handles the old iOS client. I don't have any immediate plans of fixing this issue.

Q. Can I make my own client using this API?
A. Please don't! Use the YouTube Data API v3 instead.

I have a question or issue not listed here
DM it to me at @TubeFixeriOS on Twitter.

Known Working Clients

iOS 5 (jailbroken) - through hosts file and certificate

Mac OS X - through hosts file

Mac OS X - through hosts file

I've found a client that works!
Great! DM the name, method used and screenshots to me at @TubeFixeriOS on Twitter.

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