How do I install?

Step 1
Download WiiMC from the official WiiMC website.

Step 2
Copy this onlinemedia.xml file to /apps/wiimc on your Wii's SD card.
Alternatively you could manually add the lines to an existing onlinemedia.xml file.

Step 3
Open WiiMC, navigate to the Online Media tab, choose an option and your video should start playing!

Step 4 (Optional)
If you're experiencing performance issues, go to WiiMC settings, open the Online Media section, change Cache Fill to 5% and change YouTube Quality to Medium (480x360)


Q. Why isn't this for iOS?
A. TubeFixer should be compatible with as many platforms as possible.

Q. Will this let me watch copyrighted videos, like music videos?
A. Yes!

Q. Doesn't another project already exist?
A. Yes, but as of recently I've found it doesn't work (and has various issues).

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